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Welcome to a universe where ecology, sustainable practices and CSR meets Language & Text Production, communication expertise and B2B Events sat in synergy with innovation, knowledge share and high professional standards.

We move on from mere words and thoughts about sustainability and on to walking the talk and finding a spot-on solution-oriented approach for a sustainable interaction with the world around us. This way, we embrace coherence, as the final link to comply with daily corporate communication and the messages sent from person to person, H2H, all of which defines several aspects of modern business life.

Academia Copenhagen shares this vision that is aimed specifically at the

B2B segment, but also at the conscious consumer – this is the basis of Human2Human Communication. Should you know companies or individuals who might benefit from the above, please feel free to invite them into the Academia Copenhagen.

Our benchmark is circular action plans and strategies with focus on resources, results and human-centered processes.

Throughout our website you can gain insight about the business concept and principles, and you are also invited to follow our social media profile, blog, latest news and events by subscribing to our newsletter. If you have any ideas and/or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.




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AcademiA Copenhagen

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